‘Me, Me, Me’ Development

The ‘Me, Me, Me’ project was a magazine design project. We had to design and produce one issue of a magazine all about ourselves. I decided early on that I really didn’t want to make mine too personal or include any photos of myself so I needed to find someway of making it about myself but without any of that.

I did some general research on Pinterest into smaller publication and zine design – my board. I produced research sheets on masthead/cover design, page layouts, and paper folding/engineering.

Covers and Mastheads Research Sheet
Covers and Mastheads Research Sheet
Page Layouts Research Sheet
Page Layouts Research Sheet
Paper Engineering/folding Research Sheet
Paper Engineering/folding Research Sheet



This research helped me to work out what sorts of designs I liked and how I might push some of the boundaries of magazine design. For example, I decided that I didn’t want to have a standard sized magazine with a regular layout and structure, I thought I might have some more interesting paper engineering.

In my sketchbook I did lots of initial ideas, development and sketches and gradually my magazine came together. I named the magazine ‘Rosie Magazine’, since Rosie is my name, and it’s my magazine.


After designing the masthead and the general concept, Iย planned the structure, layout and construction of the magazine. I decided to make a small, A6 sized zine which was an accordion book with a cover. I wanted to have text articles on one side and the corresponding images on the other side and I wanted the content to be a selection of favourites from the month. For example, in January I might talk about my favourite place, song, recipe etc. that I had found during the month. In this way, the magazine would act as a personal monthly favourites and as a way for readers to get recommendations.mag4mag5

I brainstormed some ideas for content and wrote the articles and editors letter. I did some extra research into more specific parts of the magazine like cover and contents page and I found this a really good way of working- Ie doing lots of research throughout the project, not just at the beginning. I also went through my photos from January and picked out some that were relevant. If I could have had more time, I would have liked to have taken photos specifically for this project.


I decided to try and attempt to use Adobe Indesign to layout the magazine but I had never used it before so I watched some Youtube tutorials (this one was particularly useful) and eventually managed to get my design laid out.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 15.10.08

I wanted to print the zine double sided onto a sheet of A1 but unfortunately, the printer in the Foundation print room isn’t capable of doing the print double sided so I had to rethink. I thought I could print two sheets of A1 and stick them back to back, but as I folded them, they would become warped and stretch out of place. So in the end, I printed each spread separately and I glued them onto an A1 sheet.


The final magazine came out okay but some of the pages got creased in the wrong places and I struggled to get all of the pages lined up. At a distance, it looks fine but on closer inspection, it could definitely be neater.



Overall I really enjoyed this project, particularly writing and laying out the text. I hope to learn how to use Indesign better in the future because I feel like I didn’t use it to it’s full potential in this project.



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