Initial FMP research

So over the Easter holiday I began the research for my final major project and have put together a couple of research sheets to present at the ‘Dragon’s Den’ panel.

This is my main general research sheet with a selection of the work that I liked and the products that I want to produce.


I have been mostly using Pinterest but also Behance to do some research into projects that are similar to mine. I have found a few really nice projects that I would like to take inspiration from.

1. The Cheese Shop Deli & Cafe Branding – Charlotte Estelle


Things I like from this project:

– You can tell from just the aesthetic and the materials that The Cheese Shop promotes natural and organic foods. I would like to achieve this with my project.

– I really like the selection of printed materials that she has produced. Eg. Labels, bags, menu, wrapping paper.

– The photography and final presentation of the work is very appealing.

– The designs have a handmade kind of feel to them – I think this comes from the stamp effect and simple colour scheme.

– The little mouse logo/motif that runs throughout all of the designs brings all of the elements together and allows for a small, controlled amount of illustration.

– The simplicity of the design works really well and I would like to make sure that my designs are similarly clean and simple.

2. Cafeology rebranding – Shelly Liew


Things I like from this project:

– The designs incorporate hand drawn illustrations that I think makes the products look fun and give them a less commercial/corporate look which makes them more appropriate for use in association with Fairtrade.

– Natural/organic looking design.

– I wanted to include the photos of the designers sketchbook to show how important sketchbook work is and to remind me to do lots of drawing and sketching.



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