The Museum of Brands – London

Last week I took a trip into London to visit the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising as part of the wider research for my FMP. I thought that it might be useful in understanding the history of branding and what made successful brand campaigns.

museum of brands, packaging and advertising

I thought that the museum collection was very interesting and I learned a bit about the way products were packaged, branded and advertised throughout history. I thought that it was particularly interesting to see the brands such as Johnsons, Lyle’s Golden Syrup and Toblerone that have changed very little over time. This highlighted to me the importance of a timeless brand and getting the design right first time round.


I also thought that it was useful to see that the brands that had lasted the test of time were the ones with particularly unique selling points or iconic visual identities. For example the shape of the Toblerone packaging is very unique and therefore it has lasted very well over time because it stands out from the other, less interestingly packaged products.

Another brand that proved itself to be particularly successful with it’s advertising was Guinness. The witty, clever, illustrated posters by John Gilroy became really popular and very well known. I think that they were so effective because they were simple, clear, bold and featured a good slogan. These are all traits and features that I can include in my project to make sure that the branding is successful.



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