Dragon’s Den Feedback

Feedback from ‘Dragon’s Den’ panel with Tutor (Karl):

  • Good real world graphics project with opportunity for 3D elements.
  • Add some colour to the research that i’ve been doing – Make it eye-catching.
  • Lots of existing artisan, independent cafe/bakeries with delicate ‘hipster’ aesthetics so I need to stand out.
  • Avoid using the ‘chalkboard’ look.
  • Do more research into the wider world of branding.
  • Don’t produce predictable, cliche designs.

I think that mostย of this feedback is valid and I agree that there is potential for the design work that I do to end up cliche. I will do some more research into cafe design projects that are less monochrome and more dynamic. I do however want to retain the idea that the designs will reflect the organic and sustainable nature of the cafe so I will probably use a natural colour scheme and simple design work. I disagree about Karl’s comment about not having the ‘chalkboard’ look because actually I think that customers have come to expect a certain aesthetic with nice independent coffee shops and a handmade chalkboard element to it is a more personal and relatable part to a brand identity. I also think that chalkboards are very practical because they can be easily changed and updated which is very useful for a restaurant or cafe. I don’t want to avoid the cliches so much that I lose it looking like a cafe brand identity.



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