Naming the Cafe/Bakery

Today I brainstormed ideas for the name of the fictional cafe/bakery. I made a list of the values that the company goes by e.g. organic, Fairtrade and sustainable and I tried to come up with names that complemented them.


My idea currently is to call the cafe Banana Bread. There are a few reasons why I think that this is a suitable name:

  • Bananas are typically associated with Fairtrade
  • Bread (and banana bread) is a nod to the nature of the cafe in that it is also a bakery
  • Bananas are easily illustrated and could be a useful motif to run through the branding
  • Bananas are yellow and it would be useful to have a bright colour in the branding
  • I really like banana bread

I had a short tutorial with Karl to discuss the nameย I think that he likes the idea.

There are a few variations of the name that I am playing with at the moment:IMG_2958

I don’t think I like The Banana Bread Cafe or Bakery as much as the others because it sort of sounds like banana bread is all that they make. I quite like The Banana Bread Co. because I think that it sounds like a proper business. I do however still like just Banana Bread on its own. I will ask some of my peers and see what is more popular.



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