Illustrations and patterns

I have been starting to think about the illustration element of the branding that I would like to include. I started by making this Pinterest board to find some examples of ways bananas have been illustrated etc. I then went ahead and did some sketches of bananas in a selection of materials. I tried watercolour, oil pastel, ink and coloured pencil.

IMG_7816I like the way watercolour and fine-liner looks and I have used it a lot in previous projects however I would like to be able to screen print or stamp the logo/illustrations and so block colour would work better for this.  I initially struggled to draw the bananas in a way that made them look realistic but also stylised- I don’t want to have to have a very complicated or detailed drawing because it would be harder to print.

My next step was to consider the way the illustrations might be used when applied and I think that using them as some kind of background or pattern would be a fun way to incorporate them into the branding.


After some experimentation and playing around I developed this simple pattern (below). I could create a repeating pattern from this that could be used on the business cards, t-shirt and menu. It could also be developed into a poster. I would like to take this further and see if I could screen print the design because I think it would lend itself well to that technique. Also I could switch up the colours – I will do some more experimentation. I could take just one banana from the design and use it as a kind of secondary visual logo to go alongside the textual logo. I will need to refine the exact design of the banana but I would definitely like to take this forward.



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