Letterpress Experiments

Yesterday I took the paper samples that I’d got from the paper mill to the letterpress room and tested them all out to see how prints would look on them. I chose Univers Bold as the typeface and I just printed the words Banana Bread in the layout of one of the designs that I had so far- it is not the final logo.IMG_7787Β I used black, yellow and pink ink because they are the colours that I think I would like to use for the colour scheme of the branding. I am pretty happy with the way the samples turned out and actually almost all of the papers printed well. I think that the banana, elephant poo, yellow and straw papers looked the nicest and most in keeping with the natural and organic aesthetic that I want to get. I also found the process of letterpressing (?) surprisingly enjoyable and I will consider using it again later in the project when I am producing my final prints.


IMG_7793 letterpressing2



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