Peer critique

I was able to organise a  small critique with some of my peers and I was able to get some very useful feedback on my logos. I showed a selection of the designs that I’d done on the computer and printed onto the banana paper. I also showed my sketchbook and shared the ideas I had for the final display of the project. I am glad that I did this because I really needed some objective input and I feel like working collaboratively was helpful because other people made comments and highlighted things that I hadn’t even considered. I also am pleased that I got people together because I think it was useful for everyone, not just me, to get some peer feedback.

Labelled A-G from left to right ^

Comments from peers:

  • Prefer the logo with the words on top of each other rather than next to each other – has more impact and would work better in a circle.
  • Don’t like the striped typeface (D) because it doesn’t work small and becomes unclear. It does work big though.
  • Don’t like F, too fussy- detracts from the design.
  • Less keen on the Cubano font in A, B and G – too clumsy and compact – prefer font in C and E- cleaner and more considered looking.
  • Remember that the ‘organic cafe and bakery’ line is arguably more important than the company name, so make sure it is clear and readable.
  • Like the contrast created between the bold capital title and the smaller handwriting font below.
  • Everyone liked the banana paper – works well to portray a natural and eco aesthetic.
  • Colours were generally popular although it was said that they should be used in moderation to avoid it being too garish.

I found the critique very helpful and I was able to take a more objective view of my work which was good. I will therefore be able to make a much more informed decision about the final logo design. In fact, I took the feedback from this critique and had another play around with some other fonts and eventually came up with these two to choose from:


I have found that I am torn between the two designs and I have asked lots of people their favourite and the response is almost equal. Here are a selection of their comments and my own thoughts on these designs:



  • Nice font but perhaps too spaced out. Would be okay if it was straightforward to adjust the kerning but with this particular font, it’s not.
  • Doesn’t look good in a circle (eg. for the stickers).
  • Forces the text underneath to be very small – difficult to read.
  • Like the way it looks clean and considered
  • Professional looking font.


  • Quite standard looking.
  • Has nice stamp effect texture to it which would add to the natural, organic feel of the branding.
  • Looks perhaps a bit tall.
  • Works well in a circle and has more substance to it – well proportioned.
  • Looks good on a smaller scale.

I think that it is useful to write out the pros and cons of each design because I am able to confirm in my mind what my thoughts are. I think at the moment I am likely to go with B because I feel like it ticks more boxes than A.

This week-end I will decide on which logo to go with and order the custom stamps as well as some other bits and pieces such as the coffee cups, bags and A-board. I will also create the brand identity guide this week-end so that I can get designing the menu, business cards and posters etc.



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