Business Card Development

Over the last few days I have been researching, designing, developing and testing the business cards. I looked at some business cards that I thought incorporated things that i’d like to use. For example, I found that lots of business cards are stamped, giving them a rustic and handmade feel. I also thought that this would be particularly good for mine since I want to use the thick elephant poo paper which might not work in a printer. I also looked at use of colour and illustration in business cards. From my research, I took that business cards are often used to communicate very quickly the values of the company. This meant that I would have to make it clear from the cards alone that the cafe was all about natural, sustainable food.Business card development

I did lots of sketching and developing my ideas. I think this stage went particularly well because I began to visualise the different ideas i’d had much better. I used Illustrator and put together a couple of the designs. I thought that I would put the town name as the largest word on the back of the card but when I came to look at it after I had printed it out, I decided that actually it would be more important to have the name of the cafe as the most clear text so I changed it (see below).business card development2I ordered some stamps from the English Stamp Companyย of both the logo and the banana illustration. I thought that this would make the business cards easier to produce because they could be hand printed and I wouldn’t have to worry about double sided printing. The stamps arrived today and I’m really pleased with them. Initially I was worried about the smaller text underneath being too small and not printing well but when I tested it out with the ink, it worked fine. I just found that i’d have to make sure not to press too hard into the ink pad.

stampsI intend on using the stamps on several of the different products, such as on the cups and maybe the bags. I will do some tests.



3 thoughts on “Business Card Development

  1. Thanks, yes so do I! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, i’m useless. I love stamps, and I can tell from your last few posts that you do too! I don’t know what it is about them but something makes me want thousands!!

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