Loyalty Cards and Menu Development

Over the last week I have been designing and developing the loyalty cards, and table menu as well as working on ideas for some of the other things. The process for the loyalty card development went quite well, I did some research on Pinterest and also dug out some of the loyalty cards that I had in my purse. One thing that I thought was interesting was that the more professional looking cards used stamps or hole punches to mark off the sales. This is a practical feature because it stops people from forging a signature and therefore makes the loyalty system more secure. I have left it too late to order another stamp (and it would be very expensive) so I will try to make one out of foam to be used to stamp off the sales.

Loyalty cards 1

I thought about having the spaces for the stamps be in the shape of the bananas but I didn’t think it looked quite right and when I tried it with circles I thought it looked more professional and neater overall. I have also decided to only do digital printing for one side of the card. On the other side I will use the rubber stamps and possibly use letterpress to type the words ‘loyalty card’. I think that this is worth doing because when I have tried doing double sided printing with the elephant paper in my printer, it has jammed and I think that limiting the amount of times the paper goes through the printer will help this.loyalty card2I have also designed the table menus and I am very pleased with both the process and the final design, although I am worried about the final printing of them because the paper often gets jammed in the printer or doesn’t line up properly. I think that patience and leaving myself plenty of time will help to make the process of the final printing as easy as possible.

Again, for the menus, I made a Pinterest board and I looked at elements that I wanted to include in my menu. I thought that it was important to make it clear and simply laid out because it needs to be functional. I also read in this article that center justifying the text and prices is more likely to make people make their choice based on the food rather than the price. I employed this in my design and I think it works well and I also think it makes it easier to read each price. My process in my sketchbook is below:menu process

I may make changes to the content of the menu or the prices but as it is now, here is the final design:

Banana Bread Table Menu Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 19.42.20



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