Problems with printing

Last night I tried to print out the business cards and the loyalty cards however I encountered lots of problems. I was having to print using my own printer in my room because Ruth told me that the big printers in her room wouldn’t be able to print onto the elephant paper because they are laser printers. I therefore have to do it myself but my printer is very small and not particularly high quality. The main problem I think is that the paper is too thick and the printer struggles to feed it through.

Last night, it kept jamming and sometimes stopped printing halfway through a sheet. This was wasting paper and was very frustrating. I found that for every one sheet that printed perfectly, there were 3 or 4 damaged sheets. I looked up the problem online but couldn’t find a solution because it sounded like there was a maximum paper weight for the printer and you couldn’t adjust it. In the end I found that the only way to get any chance of it printing properly was to push the paper through and as soon as it emerged the other side, to pull it gently. This worked for the most part although sometimes it wouldn’t make it as far as emerging. I think that overall this process was quite wasteful and I should have done some research into local printers who might have had a printer more suited to the paper I was trying to print onto.

Eventually, however, I did manage to accumulate a reasonable number of both the business and loyalty cards and once I had cut them out and visualised how many I had I decided that it was probably enough. I definitely could have been less wasteful with printing them but I am ultimately happy with the way they have turned out. Now I need to stamp and print onto the other side of them.

IMG_7960 IMG_7961



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