Poster Design Development


Over the weekend, I designed a series of posters that would be displayed in the cafe. I was mostly inspired by the beautiful, simple screen printed posters that were designed by Ed Harrison for the ‘The Creperie’ brand identity project that I found on Behance. I liked the way that they promoted the establishment but also were great pieces of design that could be displayed on the walls without looking like adverts. I tried designing a poster that featured some witty copy or an appropriate quote but I struggled to come up with something that seemed relevant to the organic/Fairtrade-ness of the cafe. To get around this I thought I would simply do a poster for each of a few of the cakes that the cafe would serve. I chose Banana Bread, Carrot Cake and Lemon Drizzle because I had the idea to illustrate a banana, carrot and lemon all in the same style as the bunch of bananas that was already part of the brand identity. I really liked this idea because I thought it would be a nice extension of the project and it would add some more illustration to the brand. I wondered about making the carrot orange but then after l looked at the orange next to all of the other things I had designed, I thought it looked really out of place and it didn’t look right with the colour scheme at all so I revised the colours and made the carrot pink, the banana green and the lemon yellow. I thought this might look really wrong but after asking a few people, I decided that it looked fine because it went with the colour scheme and the shapes and names of the fruits were communicative enough.

I drew the illustrations on Illustrator using the paintbrush tool, which I found quite difficult because I was using a touch pad, (I have learned that it would definitely be easier to use my drawing tablet for this in future), ย and I added copy explaining where the ingredients came from. I also added a logo and the slogan, ‘feel good about your food’ because I felt like that would make them a little bit more commercial and would allow them to be used as adverts as well as decorative posters.

I know that I want to print these at at least A3 size and possibly frame them so I would like to print them using Ruth’s large matt printer. Because of this, I won’t be able to print onto the banana ย or elephant paper so I decided to scan a sheet of it in and use it as a background. It looks quite good on the screen (although it makes it a huge file size) but when I printed a sample this afternoon it came out slightly green. I will do some more adjusting and reprint some more later and see if I can improve it because it would look so much better if it comes out the same as the sheet of elephant paper.

Here are the final posters:

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 15.26.52


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