Wall Menu

I have designed and printed a wall menu that would hang behind the counter in the cafe. I found the process quite hard because I struggled to find a balance between being practical and readable and looking sleek. I tried out many different options and eventually came up with a design that I am happy with. I think that doing lots of development and print tests for this was important because it allowed me to see areas for improvements etc. and I think that the final menu is much better as a result.

Here is the process:

I used some of the research that I had done when I was designing the table menu and I looked back at the designs I had done for that as well so that I could create something that had a similar, cohesive feel to it. (I think that ultimately, I was successful in doing this.)

Wall menu collage
^ Some of my sketchbook pages experimenting with layouts, trying to work out what worked best and was easiest to read.

I thought about having the menu be very simple with the drinks on one side and the prices on the other (see top right) but I thought this actually made it quite difficult to read the corresponding prices and drinks. Because of this I out the prices right next to the drink so that it was clear which was which. This, I think, was a good idea because in the final design, it is easy to read the prices. I read online that if you are designing a menu, leave off the £ sign because it makes people less aware of the notion of spending money (I think this is a bit sneaky but I also think it’s a clever technique to increase a customer’s spending and it is interesting to learn about those kinds of things as part of this project).

I decided to put a black background because I thought it would make it look like it was written onto a blackboard which I think looks more handmade and also because black will create a nice contrast when hung next to the other posters that I have designed that have a pale background.

I printed the menu A2 on Ruth’s large matt printer. I thought that this would give a nice finish.

IMG_7974I thought briefly about putting the menu on the A board that I bought and tried it out but I think that although it looks ok, I think it would be more appropriate hanging on the wall (as it would be if it was really in the cafe).




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