Paper Bags

I screen printed some paper bags with the logo on. I also stamped a few with the rubber stamps. I showed them both to my peers and asked which was most effective. The general consensus was that the larger logo would be much easier to read if someone was walking along the street with it but it was also commented that the screen printed one was perhaps too big for the size of the bag and actually a middle sized logo would be much better because it would be easier to read and would look less squashed in. I completely agreed but I was reluctant to make another screen with a smalIer logo because I have limited time and money left for the project. I decided to put the bags with the other things i’d designed and see if they really did look bad. I decided that they didn’t look right with the collection and in fact I thought and the colours were wrong too.


I decided to try to get some other bags, maybe yellow or white. I went to Hobbycraft yesterday and found some white paper bags and a pack that had some yellow and green bags too. I screen printed onto them and they came out so much better than the brown bags. This is partly to do with the fact that the bags areย bigger so the logo fits a bit more comfortably and looks much cleaner. I asked several of my peers for their feedback and they all agreed that the larger bags looked a lot more in keeping with the brand identity and that the logo was significantly easier to read.


Unfortunately, the print on the green bag didn’t work very well and the ink was a bit sparse which I was frustrated by because I only had one green bag. I have asked some of my peers though and some of them say that they like the effect that it creates and that it looks a bit more handmade.


I also got some small brown paper bags that I have stamped the logo onto. I have also printed out some stickers that I can use to seal the bags and perhaps stick onto some clear cellophane bags. I think that for the display, I will put some loaves of bread etc. into some of the bags so that they look more like bakery bags? Like this?


Sketchbook pages:
bag sketchbookR


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