Printing and Framing the Posters

On Tuesday, I got the posters printed with Ruth on her large matte printer in the print room. I was apprehensive about it because the test piece I had done on the smaller laser printer had come out discoloured so I thought it would be best to do a test on the large printer too. The colours came out much more accurately which was thankful because it meant I could go ahead and print the final posters. I am really glad though that I did a test because it would have been a waste of both money and materials if the colours had come out incorrectly.


They came out really well and I am really happy that I went for matte because it gives them a nice texture and a really high quality finish. I must now be careful not to damage the image.

I decided to frame the posters because I thought that it would make them look more like they would be if they really were to hang in a cafe. I used some old pin boards that I had that were the correct size because I wanted to recycle them and they seemed appropriate. I just painted them with black acrylic paint and glued the posters to the front. Surprisingly, they came out really well and I don’t think that it is obvious that they are not real frames. I’ve learned from doing this that it is possible to upcycle things for a fraction of the price of buying the same thingย new.

IMG_7985 IMG_7986IMG_8087



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