Stamping the backs of the cards

During the week, I used the stamps that i’d ordered to print the backs of the loyalty cards and the business cards. It went quite well once i’d worked out the right angle to hold the banana outline stamp at in order to get it to line up with the yellow. The only problem I came across was that the small text in the logo was sometimes a little bit splodgy and sometimes it got over inked. The way I tried to overcome this was to apply less pressure but then the main text would come out too faint – I couldn’t really win. The best policy turned out to be pressing slightly harder on the top part of the stamp in the hope that I could strike a balance. For the most part, it worked.


For the loyalty cards, I wanted to add the words ‘loyalty card’ on the bottom but I couldn’t use the printer because it would jam so I used letterpress. This was slightly limiting because I didn’t have a huge choice of fonts. I went for Univers Bold because it was sans serif and I thought it might look more contemporary than some of the other options. I think in the end however that it detracts from the design because it doesn’t fit with the brand identity and I wish I had taken more care to experiment or do some tests with different fonts.

letterpress collage

The actual letterpressing however was successful and the elephant poo paper printed very well which i was pleased about.



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