Cutting out the Wall Decal

For the final display, I wanted to make a vinyl sticker that could be stuck onto the front of a plinth or on the wall or a widow etc. I saw lots of examples of these wall/window decals when I was doing research into the types of things included in restaurant/cafe branding at the beginning of the project. Also, making this pinterest board made me want to try making one. I watched this videoย by Anne Le which was very helpful and I thought that although it sounded like a time consuming process, it was fairly straightforward.

vinyl sticker collageThe sticker took me a very long time to cut out and my hand and fingers were very very sore by the time I finished. I think that if I did it again, I would do it in several sittings rather than all in one go, because it was so painful. The cutting out went okay generally but my scalpel didn’t cut through in some areas so they are a bit more ragged but I don’t think it matters too much because the sticker will be viewed from a distance. To make this a more professional process, I could have used the laser cutter to cut out the letters. I thought that it might be difficult to programme the machine to only cut through the paper and the vinyl and not the backing sheet so I did it by hand to have more control. Also according the the video, professionals may use a wide masking tape to transfer the image to the wall but I don’t have any that wide so I will use contact paper instead. I will leave the sticker on it’s backing until it needs to be stuck to the wall during the show.



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