Drawing on the A Board

I bought a relatively inexpensive chalkboard A board from Amazon and I wanted to use it somehow to promote the cafe or have a menu or specials or something on it. There is some research on this Pinterest board. Right at the start of the project, Karl said that I needed to avoid the ‘chalkboard aesthetic’ that lots of independent coffee shops have these days and I mildly disagreed, thinking that a chalkboard was a practical addition to a branding project for a cafe. I hope that by being careful to make sure that the board is cohesive with the other elements of the project, I have avoided upsetting Karl. I haven’t seen him since I did it so I have yet to get his feedback but I will as soon as I see him.

These are some photos documenting the process:board progressionRecreating the fonts, especially ‘Iron and Brine’ which is the main one, was really difficult and I spent a very long time drawing it all out by hand. Looking back, it might have been easier to make some kind of stencil or template that would have helped me to draw out the design faster and perhaps more neatly. I am really glad, though, that I spent so long taking care to be as accurate as possible because I think the final outcome looks good. My only issue is that I don’t know how to fix the chalk onto the board so it will be hard to transport it to the studio without smudging itย (I have written more about this in my journal).

This is the process in my sketchbook:

IMG_8092 IMG_8093 IMG_8094

When I was designing the board, I decided that it would be easier to go straight onto illustrator because it would be much quicker. If I was drawing out the different layout options by hand,ย it would have been hard to show the black background.

The tests below show the different options I tried for layout and copy.

For the final design, I tried to make it easy to read and provide some contrast in the fonts and their scale. Looking back at the different options again now, I think I definitely went for the right layout (bottom right).



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