Extras and Details

When I laid all of my pieces out I felt like there wasn’t much to them in that lots of them are quite simplistic and so I wanted to add some more details to some of the pieces. I decided to bring the branding together more by making some little signs that have the names of the cakes on and also some little notices with information about the specialty paper that i’m using and also maybe some with information about sustainability and Fairtrade. I thought that they could be placed on the tables in the cafe so that they could be read at the customer’s leisure rather than having them on the counter or the wall. This was a good decision because it allowed me to add more detail and make them smaller so that their could be more information.

IMG_8083 IMG_8084

I kept the design really simple and just followed the same guidelines that i’ve been using for some of the other bits. This made the process of designing and making the signs really fast and easy.

On that note, I am really glad that I made the brand identity guide right at the beginning (when I first designed the logo) because it has allowed me to keep it open in a tab and so that all I need to do when I design a new element is copy and paste elements from the guide. It has allowed me to stay focused and make sure that all of the parts of the project are cohesive. It has also meant that I had a criteria of sorts so I when I had designed something I could look back at the guide and decide if it was on brand. I think that this made that part of the project more professional in the sense that I all the parts had to meet the guidelines set out at the start. I have learned from this that when I next do a branding project, it is useful to have a document to act as a guide to maintain focus and cohesion throughout the project.


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