Yesterday, I cleared a space in our kitchen and put all of my pieces out so that I could take good photos of them. I tried to set the stuff up in a way that might be similar to how the exhibition display will be but I was limited with space, and I couldn’t hang my posters on the wall etc. This wasn’t a huge problem because I was able to get a good sense of how the pieces will look as a collection. I think that some of the photos were good (I will post some below), but several of them came out blurred and badly lit. I think this is because I forgot that I had the camera on manual focus and also I didn’t consider lighting at all. I also do not have much confidence with photography and I don’t know much about cameras. I can learn from this and next time I have to take high quality photos, I will make sure that I check the settings on the camera before I shoot and I will make sure there is good lighting as well as get some advice with composition etc.

One thing I have noticed from this shoot is that the pieces look particularly good displayed against a dark background. It would be nice to try to recreate this for the show. I feel like if the pieces were against white, they may not have the same impact. I don’t know if it is possible to display them in the final show against black, but I will ask Karl once I know whether I will be allowed a plinth or not and I will test black and white and see what my peers think.2121313 4 6 7 8 9 10 11Looking at all the final pieces together in a display is very satisfying and I am really pleased with the way the whole project went. I was able to draw on skills i’d learned during the exploratory and pathway stages (eg. Adobe Illustrator) and I continued the style of working that I developed through pathway. For example, I found during pathway that I didn’t work well on sheets, I was much more comfortable working in a small sketchbook where I was less intimidated by blank space. I continued working like this and I have presented almost all of my research, besides the initial research sheets, in my sketchbooks, of which I produced 2 and a bit. I will write more in the self evaluation but for now I will just say that I think that I have been successful in producing a brand identity that combines a simple, organic, natural aesthetic with some colour and a contemporary style. I have also learned new skills as a result of the project, for example, screen printing. I can definitely take the things i’ve learned through FMP and apply them in future projects for my degree. Perhaps surprisingly, the project went fairly smoothly with few problems besides printer issues so it has been really fun to work on and it has been a really enjoyable process that has helped me to confirm that Graphic Design is definitely the discipline that I enjoy the most and that I should be pursuing.



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