Preparing the Exhibition Space

Over the last week, I have been helping to prepare the exhibition spaces for the final show. This has involved constructing, filling and painting walls and plinths as well as cleaning the floors. I have enjoyed this process because it’s methodical and logical and provides a change from the creative nature of the past few weeks. I have also learned some new practical skills such as drilling and filling which has been fun and satisfying. It has taken a few days and lots of teamwork to get everything done but we have now completed all of the group work and can focus on preparing our own spaces. I have definitely learned the importance of teamwork this week.

For my display, I had previously done some sketches which were helpful because I had an idea of the general way that I wanted the work to look but I kept forgetting to refer to them today. I had planned on hanging the three framed posters above the plinth and the wall menu slightly to the right above the chalkboard. I wanted to put the vinyl sticker on the front of the plinth and then display all of the other bits on top.

Today, I put my plinth in place and planned out where I wanted everything on the wall. I used pieces of paper to test out the height and things. This worked well because I was able to move them around and easily make adjustments. IMG_8104 copyIt went okay but I should have planned out exactly where I wanted everything else first because I found that later on, I was wishing that I could move the posters up a bit. I also put everything up quite hastily and I had to move a few of the nails because the framed posters were not lined up correctly. In my haste I also forgot about the t-shirts and the brand identity guide that I had also intended to put up on the wall. So I have learned that it is definitely worth planning everything out completely and checking that everything is there before putting nails in.

The other thing I did today was put the vinyl sticker in place – IT WORKED! The only thing that I could have improved with it is that I could have made sure that it was going to go on completely straight. It is in fact slightly wonky but it would be impossible to change it now because the nature of the process is that you only get one chance to put it on. I used a squeegee from the screen printing room to aid the process of making sure that all of the air bubbles went and it was definitely the right tool to use for this. This video helped to explain the process and I’m really glad that I watched it first before I tried to do it myself.vinyl sticker

Tomorrow I hope to put up everything that needs to be on the wall and put most of the display in place. I will check it with Karl and make any adjustments but hopefully I’m very nearly almost finished.

Action points (ask Karl/peers):

  • Where to put the brand identity guide- would be a shame to leave it out but I can’t see an appropriate space for it- maybe alongside the menu?
  • Should I have the tote bag?- I feel that the colours don’t go with the display but others feel that it should be included.
  • Cakes/bread?
  • Work out how to display the business cards- In a pile? or fanned out? – I don’t like the backs much so maybe avoid showing them?
  • Where to put the open/closed sign- Not too high.



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