Installing the Show!

My work is now almost completely ready and displayed on the plinth. I have a banana bread  and cupcakes in the oven as I type which I will add to the display to add a bit of context. I might also put a plate of banana bread out for the private view to be eaten – everyone says this is a good idea!

I think I have decided not to display the brand identity guide because I didn’t leave an appropriate space for it and I don’t want to just add it to the end because I think that that would make the whole display too long and would draw attention away from the posters in the middle. I have spoken to Karl about it and he thinks that I should include it, so tomorrow morning I will do a final test and confirm that I don’t want it in. I am slightly concerned about the plinth being too busy and having too much on display but some people said that it is okay because it means there’s lot’s to look at. I might try to pare down what I have out in order for the overall display to look cleaner. I will see.

I have also decided to display a few of the business cards upside down because after talking to some of my peers about it, I have realised that it would be a shame for the rustic, hand stamped backs not to make an appearance since they were initially such a large part of the brand identity.

Tomorrow is the private view and in preparation for it, these are my action points:

  • Put banana bread, sample plate and cupcakes with icing in place in the display.
  • Paint over the blue smudge on the plinth- if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.
  • Test out the placement of the brand identity guide.
  • Glue the stickers back onto the cups because they seem to be peeling off slightly.
  • Find some way of securing the notices about the paper onto the plinth because they keep falling off as someone walks past. I think that this is to do with the way I cut the support at the back. If I did it again, I would not make it so narrow so that it would have more to lean on. I still could adjust this if it is a major problem.
  • Review the display objectively and look out for issues. Get Karl or maybe one of the other tutors to check it.
  • Clean the floor; this would set off the exhibition really well and would make it look really professional.
  • Make sure the name label is correct and it level etc.

I am really looking forward to the private view and i’m excited to see all the work that everyone else has been producing for the last six weeks. I am proud of myself and I am happy with my final display but it will be such a relief to finally have everything complete and have the chance to see all the finished work.



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