Private View

Last night was the private view of our final show. It was a really great evening and it was wonderful to see all the hard work over the last six weeks pay off and see so many proud faces.

I put my banana bread and cupcakes in place just before the show and it went down very well. I used this banana bread recipe and my lovely flatmate Hannah helped me to do the baking so some credit must go to her. I thought it turned out well and several people said it tasted good. I topped up the plate halfway through the show and on both occasions it was eaten very quickly. I just had to hope that people were actually looking at my work and not just eating cake and ignoring it- perhaps putting out cake was not such a good idea in that respect. 18332331208_d783d867e5_oUnfortunately, apart from the few my parents took, I didn’t take any photos of my display when it was complete. This was a huge mistake and I really regret not taking better photos of the display in it’s entirety because it will gradually deteriorate as the week goes on. I think the reason that I didn’t take any pictures was because I only put in the cakes and bread half an hour before the opening so it was all a bit of a rush and I just completely forgot. I also suddenly got really nervous for some reason so it slipped my mind. I think that if I had been more organised and had put everything in place a little earlier, I would have been able to be more relaxed and might have taken some photos before the cake was eaten. I will ask around and see if anyone else took any photos of my work and get them to send them to me.

Me and my display ^
At one point it did just look like i’d put a plate of crumbs in my display ^

18498376275_92a01515c3_oThe lowest point in the evening was when I went back to my display towards the end of the show and found that two of the four cup sleeves had gone missing, along with lots of the business cards. I can understand that people may have thought that the business cards were to be taken but the cup sleeves I am quite upset about, which seems petty I know but I don’t have any more of the the banana paper so I can’t print any more. I also wasn’t expecting people to eat the cupcakes, which perhaps was silly of me to assume because the banana bread had a sign by it saying ‘sample ~ try me’. This may have been confusing, and on reflection, I should have made it clearer what was and wasn’t to be eaten. The cupcakes had the logo on so they were part of the design work that I had done, unlike the banana bread which was just to enhance the display.

So to solve this, I went in today and put a sign by the display saying ‘please do not touch’ which I hope will make it clearer that nothing on the display is to be taken away.

^ My sister Ella and I outside the show

The best and most surprising moment of the evening was winning the award for the Visual Communication student with best overall performance throughout the year. I was very flattered and proud. I have to say though, I have really enjoyed foundation and particularly my FMP so apart from the odd stressful day, it hasn’t felt much like work. I think that ultimately, this is the best I could have hoped for from Foundation. It really has been the best year and I will be so sad to leave next week.



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