Finishing Foundation!

Last week, we took down the show and said goodbye to the course at Brookes. We also got given our results – eek! After a day of nail biting and nervous chatter, we were handed envelopes containing our result. I am very happy to be able to say that I got a Distinction!! WOOOO! I am glad that all my hard work was recognised and that I passed and therefore met the conditions of my offer to study Graphic Design at Falmouth.

^ Me outside the Richard Hamilton Building, where our final show was held.

I’ve now been home a week and I really miss everyone who I got to know whilst in Oxford. I had the most wonderful year and I loved the whole of FMP. Foundation was so worth doing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering applying to an arts subject.

But I’ve been thinking, I really enjoyed writing this blog as part of my final major project and I would really like to continue it in some capacity over the summer – for myself more than anything else. I will try to write about design relevant things and maybe about student-y type things too. And then in September, I should be able to take it back up again as a reflective journal to go alongside my project work.

For the moment though, goodbye Oxford!



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