Summer Sketches

Last summer I had to keep a people watching sketchbook as part of the summer project for Foundation and, although I quite enjoyed the process, I learned that I am decidedly terrible at drawing people. So this summer, I thought I would indulge myself and draw what I really wanted to be drawing all along: leaves, flowers, landscapes, objects and buildings (basically nothing with a face). All of these are drawn from life.

^The garden path.


^Our raspberry bush. I spent way too long eating the raspberries instead of drawing.


I’ve also been using my beloved watercolours more this summer. I tend to use a waterbrush thing (yes, that’s the technical term) instead of a jar of water and some paintbrushes, because I find it much more portable.



^This one escapes the no people rule because NO FACE


I’m determined to keep up with this sketchbook over the summer and try to draw some of the things I see and get up to. (Hopefully I’ll draw some more interesting things than the washing line…)



10 thoughts on “Summer Sketches

  1. These are lovely! I love looking into people’s sketchbooks. And you know what I find? I love painting landscapes and natural things.. but I always find myself sketching people (unrealistically…more like doodling people). I don’t know the reason for the difference, but it comes naturally.

    And that pen looks good, would you recommend it? Does it work well with watercolors? I need a good sketch/watercolor pen.


  2. Thanks! Do you mean the black pen? Yeah I would recommend it for use with watercolours, it’s an Edding 1800 profipen 0.1. I love using really fine nibs- I like the way I can make my drawings look more detailed. I’d also recommend the Pentel Aquash Waterbrush- so good for watercolours on the go!


  3. Aww thank you – I’m so glad to hear you like my blog and I’m glad you liked the 100 Day Project finale post because otherwise I wouldn’t have found your blog πŸ™‚ Yes, I’m sad it’s over but trying to decide what to do next… let me know if you have any ideas! And keep up the blogging – good luck for your start at Falmouth x

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  4. I love these drawings and watercolours, especially the washing line. One of the first paintings I did on my Foundation Course was of our garden with washing on the line and It is a subject that I still draw from time to time now that I live in my own home with my washing line, not boring at all! :mrgreen:


  5. Thanks so much! I guess there’s opportunity to capture the movement of the washing on the line, if not much in the way of excitement. It’s funny to think that one day I’ll have my own washing line, maybe I’ll draw that one too πŸ™‚

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  6. I agree, the movement is wonderful and the colours. It’s a great subject. Have you ever listened to Kate Bush’s ‘Aeriel’. Washing clothes and art are a theme all through it. There’s a lovely song about the clothes on the line, including her husband’s shirt, thinking about him. It’s worth looking into it if you don’t know it.

    And of course you will have your own washing line one day and you must draw it! πŸ˜€


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