Watercolour Cards

It’s birthday season! As a summer baby, I’ve always associated June/July/August with birthdays. So I decided to paint some cards and get them printed out ready for upcoming birthdays. I’m super happy with them!


I did some illustrations and lettering on hot pressed watercolour paper and then scanned them into Photoshop and then Illustrator. The real revelation when doing this was that I really liked doing the hand lettering for the text, I had no idea writing the word ‘happy’ over and over could actually make you happy (cheesy). I also LOVE this colour scheme, so bright and fruity (can I use that as an adjective?)


I printed the cards onto cardstock, scored and folded them. (I plan on sending them in some funky orange envelopes)


^ Let’s party!
^Happy Birthday!


I added a bit on the back with my name and this blog (woo!) just to get into practice doing some personal branding. I really love the way these two designs turned out and I would love one day to be able to sell little cards like this at a craft fair or something         *dreams* . Ah one day.



6 thoughts on “Watercolour Cards

  1. This is so fun! I love making handmade cards, but more often I make them on paper, I’ve never thought of transferring them onto the computer. That would work out very nicely and professionally. Love your style of illustration!


  2. Thank you, I just thought it’d be nice to do all the design elements separately and then I could compose my design easily on Illustrator and get multiple copies. I also love getting handmade cards- so much more personal and thoughtful!


  3. These are so adorable!! Also just checked out your FMP for foundation and I loooove the set up. My Foundation went really badly so I was glad when it was over- I love your blog!


  4. Thanks so much! I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy foundation- such a contrast to the way I feel about mine. I must have got really lucky. I love your blog too, your recent wallpaper is gorgeous!


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