Lino printing @ Art in Action

When I was at Art in Action this weekend I signed up to take part in a practical linocut printing class. As always at Art in Action, the tickets for the practical classes sold out almost immediately so I was really lucky to get a place on the one I wanted. I arrived at the ticket tent 45 minutes before the show opened, and still I queued for ages and just managed to get the last linocutting ticket (phew). It’s definitely worth getting there really early if you want any choice of classes- next year I might try to book online.

Anyway, this year I did a class in linocutting which I had done before myself but hadn’t ever been taught. It was a fairly basic class, only one and a half hours, and they encouraged us to keep our designs really simple. I did a lil’ summer strawberry!

This was my final print:


^ We started by printing some backgrounds.
^ Then I sketched out my design on a piece of paper and used some white transfer tracing paper to transfer the design to the lino.


^ I masked out the area around the stalk and printed that first.
^ Then I masked out the area around the body of the strawberry and printed that on top.

IMG_8322I quite enjoyed doing the linocutting and I would like to do more in future, and maybe try something more complicated. My only mishap during the whole class was when I accidentally wound the handle of the manual printing press too far and the entire thing fell apart and landed right at the feet of a poor old man in a mobility scooter (oops).



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