Carsten Höller: Decision | Hayward Gallery

Yesterday, I went to the Carsten Höller: Decision exhibition at the Hayward Gallery with my friend Ellie and we had so much fun. It was really great and I definitely would recommend going if you’re in London between now and the 6th of September. I mean, there are flying machines, darkened corridors and slides- what more could you really want?


The exhibition is all about decision making (apparently. I just had a hilarious time doing all of the activities). I don’t know how well I’ll be able to explain the theory behind the work so I’ll quote the ‘about’ page from the website:

“Immersing visitors in a series of experimental environments, Höller’s interactive exhibition explores perception and decision making. To enter the exhibition visitors must choose between two different entrances, behind which lie separate routes through the first gallery. Once inside the exhibition, visitors encounter a range of situations – including the invitation to consume a pill, contents unknown – that ask them to reflect on the process of decision making.”

IMG_8374 IMG_8373 IMG_8369

^ Far right: Me and Ellie ft. snazzy goggles.

Most of the fun of the exhibition is that you don’t know what’s about to happen or what you will experience when you undertake a certain activity so I won’t spoil anything but it really was very fun and there was very little that I didn’t like (which is rare for me in a modern art gallery).

My favourite thing was the flying machine… yes, you heard me.

^Me getting suited up and looking a little worried.
^Me looking significantly less worried now that I have a helmet on.
^ Look at me, I’M FLYING


It was a really cool experience to fly (admittedly, just round and round in a small circle) over London and I really enjoyed it. I’m glad that we got there early because we only had to queue for about 20 minutes which we were told was not long compared to later in the day.

Another cool thing was that in order to exit the exhibition, you had to go on a slide out of the roof of the building. I found the slide surprisingly scary for some reason because it was very steep, spiralled and I went very fast. I don’t quite understand why the slides were there, or the concept behind them being part of the exhibition, but they were an exciting and fun way to end the show. I didn’t take any good pictures of them but here is one from an article in the Telegraph:

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Guy Bell/REX Shutterstock (4805692e)  Carsten Holler's helter-skelter (Isomeric) slides come back to London - at South Bank's Hayward Gallery.  Carsten Holler slides, Hayward Gallery, London, Britain - 30 May 2015  The modern artist is probably most famous in London for his installation at the Tate Modern, in which children and grown ups alike could slide down a 56-metre long helter-skelter back in 2007. this time they run from the gallery's glass pyramid ceiling to the entrance several floors below. They are part of Decision, the interactive exhibition which will run from June 10 to September 6 and will include - two robotic beds that will mirror each other's movements as they roam the gallery; and an installation called Flying Machines, which will be installed in the gallery's outdoor terrace opposite Waterloo Bridge, giving visitors
Photo by Guy Bell/REX Shutterstock (4805692e)

And here’s Ellie popping out at the bottom of the slide:

IMG_8388Overall, much fun was had and I would say it was well worth going to.



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