Summer sketches: Agapanthus

We have some beautiful agapanthus plants in our garden this summer and I am completely in love with them so I wanted to document them on here so that they last longer than the few weeks that they’re in bloom. I think they’re probably my favourite flowers; I love the purple-blue and I think they are really spectacular and fun, as well as just being gorgeous.agap2agap4agap5agap3Agap1We’re off to Portugal this week and I’m going to take a sketchbook so hopefully I’ll do lots of sketching and painting while i’m there (as well as hopefully enjoying the sun).



7 thoughts on “Summer sketches: Agapanthus

  1. Your observational sketches are just so lovely, I bet your sketchbook’s a delight to flick through! I’ll look forward to seeing what you bring back creatively from Portugal πŸ™‚

    Robyn x


  2. ooh those flowers grow everywhere in my area (though they look slightly different), but i never knew what they were called. i even did a giant canvas painting of them. it hangs in my room and reminds me that i’m a mediocre artist haha. but your sketches are beautiful. i really love your style(:


  3. These are so simple but really nice, I love drawing flowers, I wish I had time to draw more of them this summer! I can’t wait to see your sketches!


  4. Ahhh that’s so cool!! I’d love them to grow everywhere here but ours are just in one small flower bed sadly. I bet your painting is great, it’s lovely to have your own art on your own walls πŸ™‚ thanks kuo!


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