Thoughts on starting university (again)

So I’m off to university again tomorrow. This time last year I had just spent my first week at my new accommodation in Oxford and I was just beginning my Art Foundation. This year, I’m starting my degree at Falmouth and get to do the whole going to uni thing again. I am really excited about going away and studying Graphic Design but I’m also, I think understandably, nervous.

IMG_8680I’m trying not to worry though. Hopefully the fact that I’ve been a fresher before will help me this year, I should have learned things last year that I’ll be able to use to make this year go a little smoother. I’m certainly a better chef (actually maybe ‘chef’ is pushing it slightly) than I was this time last year so hopefully I won’t end up with as many kitchen disasters or dodgy stir fries. And cooking for one had definitely improved, although it’s something I’ve still not perfected (why is pasta so hard to portion). I’ve also learned that sometimes cheaper is not always better- Eg. trying to use cheap blunt knives to cut meat and veg is both difficult and dangerous- and similarly using cheap, thin bin bags in the kitchen bin is like asking for the bag to rip while you’re taking it out and you’re halfway down the stairs. Over the year I have learned the art of minimising the amount of washing up there is (if it’s possible to cook this entire meal with only one pan and one spoon then I will) and things that are easy to wash up have become much more valuable to me- which one is easier to wash up? Colanders win over sieves, flat cheese graters over pyramid ones and plastic chopping boards win over wooden.

I am really looking forward to moving to Cornwall. We’ve visited many a time for our family holidays and I have always dreamt of living by the sea and living within walking distance of a beach so I am excited for the dramatic change of scenery (Oxford was as far from the sea as is possible in England). I’m not really looking forward to living in halls again, (come on, I’ve done my time) but I have had fun buying a few new bits for my room and printing out some fresh photos for my pin board and I’m looking forward to getting it all set up. I really hope everything goes well, fingers crossed I make some friends…

I’m hoping to continue documenting my project work and keeping my portfolio up to date on this blog although I don’t yet know how simple that will be, I’ll see.

So with the car almost packed and my heart all a flutter, goodbye home, hello Falmouth!



9 thoughts on “Thoughts on starting university (again)

  1. ooh this is exciting! hope everything goes well for you(: i move into university for the first time in less than a week so i feel your stress haha. hopefully i’ll pick up as much wisdom as you did(:

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  2. Good luck on the new year at a brand new place! Going to school/living by the sea seems like a dream! I finally get to go to the beach this weekend, so I’m a little jealous of your ability to be able to go all the time 🙂

    And YES, why is pasta so hard to portion! I cannot agree with you more!

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  3. Enjoy it, you’ve learned some of the most important things already… And some you may never master, like portioning pasta! I STILL get that wrong! The most important lesson is to value every day, listen to everything and decide for yourself what is true what is important and what is downright rubbish! You’l fly I’m sure…. And in one of the best art schools in the country and certainly in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Have a blast, work hard and you can’t go wrong. Keep us posted!!! 😀🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨😀😀😀😀😀

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  4. Thank you, this really touched me. The move didn’t go as smoothly as I’d have liked but i’m feeling much more settled now. Thanks for the good advice, I really do need to appreciate the little, good things in each day and just be myself. Thank you for your well wishes ~ Rosie

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