Leap Day Project

This project was just a fun, optional project to make the most of the fact that we had an extra day in our term this year because it was a leap year. On February 29th we put on an exhibition of handmade items. We had to present a set of four items that we had made; they could be anything we liked. The idea was that we could show off a creative skill outside of graphic design.

I chose to make some little clay pots, paint them and plant some succulents into them. I’m so happy with how they turned out and I’m definitely going to make moreย because I think they would make cute presents.








At the end of the exhibition, we drew raffle tickets and all took home a set of four items, each one different and made by someone else studying or teaching on the course.

^ Some of the items in the exhibition.


Scan 12 copy


2 thoughts on “Leap Day Project

  1. That is such a cool idea to make the most of leap day! Your pots are absolutely adorable – I want to try making some. I’m thinking dipping them in some gold paint would look nice. What did you get to take home from the exhibition? Great post!

    Beatrice | Beanau

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