Art in Action 2016

Yesterday I went to Art in Action, which is a huge summer arts festival in Oxfordshire. I’ve been lots of times before and I had a brilliant time as always, although sadly this year is its last. The festival runs until Sunday 17th July and I wholeheartedly recommend it! It features hundreds of artists and craftspeople and provides a platform for them to demonstrate their processes, show and sell their work and teach classes. It is an incredible event and I always leave feeling really inspired.
IMG_0145IMG_0250The whole festival is in the beautiful grounds of Waterperry House and there are tents for every kind of art form. There’s painting, sculpture, woodwork, glassblowing, printmaking, jewellery, illustration, lettering, ceramics and so much more. Most of the artists are there demonstrating how they work which is so great because you can speak to them and get a real sense of their process.IMG_0175IMG_0150^ This is Laura Boswell did Japanese woodblock printing using watercolour which was fascinating.IMG_0172^ Jason Line IMG_0188^ Kerry Day was creating fab prints of plants. Her work really made me want to get back into lino cutting.IMG_0185IMG_0181IMG_0142IMG_0197IMG_0260IMG_0239We had a lovely interlude in the day where we went to take part in a big draw. There was a tent where you could choose any materials you liked and go and draw something. There was a variety of subjects to choose from but obviously I went for the sheep. So cute!
IMG_0240IMG_0198.JPGI had such a lovely, art-filled day and I am excited to get going with some art projects of my own. I wrote about my experience at Art in Action last year when I volunteered and took a lino cutting class, read about it here and here.

I am devastated that this is the last year of the event ever, after 40 years. I went when I was only one month old and then visited lots over the following summers. I think that the festival has had a huge impact on my creative journey so thank you Art in Action, you’ve been amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Art in Action 2016

  1. i remember reading your post about this last year! and i still wish i could fly to england and see the festival. i think it’s so cool that you get to see just how artists get to the end point. i’m sorry to hear that this is the last year 😦 especially since it seems to hold so much meaning to you

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