Space Cosmodrome (Process)

This project was for the module ‘Consumerism’ and therefore focused on brand creation and identity.

Problem // The UK’s first Spaceport needs a unique selling point, concept and brand. The proposal must be believable as a commercial brand in the space sector.

I researched the existing space sector, space history, air travel, Cornwall, and more to try to find an exciting insight that would drive the project. To me, the experience of space was what was most fascinating. See my pinterest board for the project to get a feel for the journey that my visual research took.

img_0923I considered a few directions, including sci-fi, travel, and education and made a selection of moodboards.
My most exciting insight, however, was that space is silent. img_0926I liked the insight that space is completely silent. And I liked the parallels between the noise of the city and the quiet of Cornwall and the noise of the Earth and the quiet of space.

During my research for this direction I came across a sound bite that encapsulates the feeling I wanted to communicate. The opening of Above Earth captured the spirit of my route.img_0927I began to develop the concept and visual identity of the brand. I liked the sound wave motif and the idea of escape. I started to develop values and a naming strategy but I found it hard to make decisions because I felt like I didn’t know what the spaceport would actually be.

img_0932I had a rethink and stepped back from the project to look at it with fresh eyes.img_0874After re-establishing what was important to me and to the brand I was creating, I decided on pursuing silence and escape through basing the spaceport on a spa. I began to consider visual language with more direction, looking at representations of both quiet and of noise. img_0876


I decided to establish brand values to capture the spirit of the brand and keep the project focused. These were, Peace, Safety, Quiet, Curiosity, and Simplicity.

Through more visual research and sketching I began to develop a concept for a logo and visual language for the spaceport brand.img_0937img_0938IMG_0880.JPG


The triangle in the brandmark represents escape, which is a key part of the experience of the brand. I also wanted a mark that could easily be used in other applications to create a coherence between different elements of the brand.

I wrote a brand myth, established a tone of voice and finalised some of the copy for the posters and launch material. img_0939Solution // Space Cosmodrome is a unique place to engage with science and explore what it means to be human. It is presented somewhat like a spa. The cosmodrome offers a range of sensory experiences designed to help visitors escape the noise of the world and be at one with the mind.

I wanted to incorporate some visual representation of noise, so I did some sketches and took to itunes of all places to create some imagery.img_0941I played the sound clip that I found to represent the spirit of the brand through the Itunes visualiser. This created abstract moving images triggered by the waveform of the music. This created some powerful imagery which I screenshotted and edited.

vis24invertedI used Photoshop to invert the images and created abstracted ‘noise’ which I could apply to the brand material.img_0943With a finalised logo, solution and visual language, I set about designing the various print and 3D outcomes that I wanted to present. To see all the final pieces, click here.hanging-posterLondon Taxi at Speedspace-to-breathespace-to-eatspace-to-researchI have also recently been interested in experience design, and wanted to incorporate some into this project. I decided to design a brand launch event for the spaceport. I wanted it to be interactive and introduce participants to the brand values, without explicitly selling them the product.img_0940finalsignlight-show2I really enjoyed the process of this project and am pleased with the final identity. I loved immersing myself in a brand world and considering different elements including print and 3D.

Scan 12 copy



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