Type x Amsterdam

We went on a study trip to Amsterdam in October last year and it was a fantastic chance to visit some dutch design studios and speak to some of the designers. We were asked to document the trip however we liked.

I decided to collect type from all over the city. As I explored Amsterdam, I photographed interesting, and in some cases not so interesting, typography. I kept a scrap of paper with the alphabet written on it in my pocket for the whole trip so that I could keep track of which characters I’d collected.

Images grid.jpgI took my favourites from the selection of letters that I had and traced over them by hand on Illustrator. I then took the black and white version and exposed a screen ready to screen print the design.alphabet

I love screen printing, and this project was the perfect opportunity for me to get back in the print room. I made many prints, in a variety of colours. My most considered outcome was the orange with the red x since orange is Holland’s national colour, and the Amsterdam logo is a red x.orange-frameI also printed some brightly coloured ones just for fun so that I could stick one on my bedroom wall.IMG_7779.JPGimg_7780img_7783
It was so much fun undertaking a completely self initiated project and creating something physical to remind me of the trip. It makes me want to get back in the print room again soon.

Scan 12 copy





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