LDN MIX (Process Work)

This project was in response to a D&AD brief from this year. As i’m only a second year, we weren’t expected to enter our work into the competition so I was able to approach it without worrying too much about whether I was sticking completely to the brief. In total I spent 3-4 weeks from start to finish on it.

“Put Arjowiggins Creative Papers at the heart of a campaign, initiative, product or service for Sony Music and remind digital customers of the power of paper”. Continue reading


Typographic Writing (Process)

This project was for the module Typography, and was all about understanding typographic detail. We were given the unformatted text for a book called Typographic Writing which was a collection of essays and biographies that had been published in ISTD journals over the years.

The task was to take the text and design the layout of the book. We had to do the cover, spine, introduction, contents pages, essays, biographies and section dividers.

I started with some research into publications that I liked and I looked at the original book to see what what wrong with it and how it might be improved. The audience needed to be young design students so I wanted my design to feel contemporary, fun and bold. Continue reading

Type x Amsterdam

We went on a study trip to Amsterdam in October last year and it was a fantastic chance to visit some dutch design studios and speak to some of the designers. We were asked to document the trip however we liked.

I decided to collect type from all over the city. As I explored Amsterdam, I photographed interesting, and in some cases not so interesting, typography. I kept a scrap of paper with the alphabet written on it in my pocket for the whole trip so that I could keep track of which characters I’d collected. Continue reading

Space Cosmodrome (Process)

This project was for the module ‘Consumerism’ and therefore focused on brand creation and identity.

Problem // The UK’s first Spaceport needs a unique selling point, concept and brand. The proposal must be believable as a commercial brand in the space sector.

I researched the existing space sector, space history, air travel, Cornwall, and more to try to find an exciting insight that would drive the project. To me, the experience of space was what was most fascinating. See my pinterest board for the project to get a feel for the journey that my visual research took.

Continue reading

‘A Word in Your Eye: type’ Development

I finally got around to writing about some projects from Semester 1. This one was completed just before Christmas.

The brief for this project, A Word in Your Eye: type, was to take the answers from an anonymous questionnaire and design a typeface based on an aspect of the person’s personality.

Base Pair (Colour)
My typeface: Base Pair

I used the answers from my questionnaire to sum up my person in six words, I went for sentimental, proud, comic, erudite, articulate and quick-witted. I researched as much as I could about these words and personality traits and I made a pinterest board to gather some visual language. Continue reading

Dragon’s Den Feedback

Feedback from ‘Dragon’s Den’ panel with Tutor (Karl):

  • Good real world graphics project with opportunity for 3D elements.
  • Add some colour to the research that i’ve been doing – Make it eye-catching.
  • Lots of existing artisan, independent cafe/bakeries with delicate ‘hipster’ aesthetics so I need to stand out.
  • Avoid using the ‘chalkboard’ look.
  • Do more research into the wider world of branding.
  • Don’t produce predictable, cliche designs.

I think that most of this feedback is valid and I agree that there is potential for the design work that I do to end up cliche. I will do some more research into cafe design projects that are less monochrome and more dynamic. I do however want to retain the idea that the designs will reflect the organic and sustainable nature of the cafe so I will probably use a natural colour scheme and simple design work. I disagree about Karl’s comment about not having the ‘chalkboard’ look because actually I think that customers have come to expect a certain aesthetic with nice independent coffee shops and a handmade chalkboard element to it is a more personal and relatable part to a brand identity. I also think that chalkboards are very practical because they can be easily changed and updated which is very useful for a restaurant or cafe. I don’t want to avoid the cliches so much that I lose it looking like a cafe brand identity.